What is JumboPicker?

JumboPicker is a unique and easy-to-use online tool for any ambitious photographer. With JumboPicker, you can efficiently create and manage your photos with our intuitive online platform. JumboPicker eliminates the boring and time consuming process of choosing photos by making it easy and fun to use for the customer. Share photos online and with JumboPicker's personalized tools, expose your business to the world!

Why JumboPicker?

  • Manage projects easily

    With JumboPicker's easy-to-use platform creating projects is as simple as 1…2…3! Navigate between the tabs from email, location, client phone, etc. and keep track of everything on the home page. Effortlessly change project settings saving yourself time.
  • Get photos to your customers fast

    JumboPicker resizes photos in the sending process, eliminates long wait times and allows the user to accomplish more and the customer to wait less. JumboPicker's powerful software can handle thousands of pictures giving you the peace of mind you have been waiting for.
  • Receive sorted photos quickly

    Once the customer receives the photos they select the desired ones and share them online all in a fun and easy to use way. You are instantly notified of the chosen pictures for the final product review.
  • Get your name out there!

    During the uploading process you have the option of JumboPicker branding your logo on every photo. Anyone you sees the photos will immediately know the talented photographer!
  • Create an online gallery for your customer which they can share online

    You can easily create an online gallery of your customer's photos and share it online. Many features like photo commenting, "liking," and much more contributes to the versatility of your photos and business.

Get full size photos anywhere (album designer, customer, print shop and more)

The photos that were selected by your customer can be later sent through JumboPicker to the next party to complete the process.

Save time

JumboPicker allows you to work on multiple projects, simultaneously saving you time. With our powerful software upload thousands of pictures fast getting them to your customer on time. JumboPicker's new layout is easier than ever to navigate eliminating the hassle of trying to figure out how to use all of the features.

Manage a personalized product list

With our product management section easily create, edit and track all of your products. By using JumboPicker you have unlimited selection of clientele to maximize your potential.