By allowing users to post online, share photos and embed a personal logo on every picture JumboPicker makes it simple for your customers to find and contact you.
JumboPicker makes it easy to navigate through the program and gives excellent step by step instructions on how to master every feature it has to offer. Tourist to professional, anyone can learn how to master JumboPicker in just a few tries!
The photo selection process can often be frustrating and time consuming due to the lack of an appropriate tool! JumboPicker is intuitive and fast. The selection gallery makes it easy to sort photos quickly and get your product(s) to the customer on time.
JumboPicker's speedy photo selection and sorting process gives your customers on time delivery making them satisfied and want to continue using your services.
The simplicity in which photos are sent to customers, the speed of the photo transfer, the professional image JumboPicker projects to the customer, the marketing platform, the option to send selected files directly through JumboPicker.